Donald trump net worth -

Donald trump net worth

Donald Trump 

Donald John Trump was born in Queens, New York, on June 14, 1946. His father, Fred Trump was a successful real estate developer. Trump was educated at the New York Military Academy and the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce at the University of Pennsylvania.

In 1971, he took over his father’s real estate company, renaming it the Trump Organization. The business soon became involved in variety of projects, including hotels, resorts, residential and commercial building, casinos, and golf courses. His first of many books was The Art of the Deal, published in 1987. In 2004, he launched the reality television show The Apprentice.

In 2005, Donald Trump married Melania Knauss. They have one son, Barron. Trump also has four adult children from previous marriages: Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, and Tiffany.

Donald trump net worth !

According to Forbes, Donald Trump's net worth was estimated to be $2.5 billion as of September 2021. However, his net worth has likely changed since then. It is difficult to accurately estimate the net worth of an individual, as it can fluctuate significantly over time due to a variety of factors such as investments, property values, and changes in the stock market.

How old is Donald trump

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946, so he is currently 77 years old.

Donald Trump, born in New York on June 14, 1946, is an American businessman, television personality, and politician who served as the 45th president of the United States. In the 2016 election, Trump was elected by the Republican Party by defeating Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the number of electoral college delegates. He lost by more than 2.8 million votes, the biggest loss at the polls by an elected president in the country’s history. He was sworn into the post on January 20, 2017. At age 70, he was the oldest person to hold the presidency until, in 2021, Joe Biden, at 78, took over. We’ll help you celebrate his birthday here.

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